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Version : 7.0

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What does the latest update (Version 7.0) include?

The latest update, Version 7.0, includes several new features and improvements:

  • Compatibility: Now compatible with Android 14 (SDK 34).
  • ExoPlayer Update: Updated to version 2.19.1.
  • VLC Player Update: libVLC updated to 4.0.0.
  • Clear Cache: Added a "Clear Cache" option in Settings.
  • Manual Content Update: Manual content updates will now force a content refresh.
  • Account Expiration Pop-up: A pop-up will appear if the account expiration date is less than 3 days away.
  • Favorite Profiles: Ability to create multiple favorite profiles (press and hold to add).
  • UI Performance: Optimized user interface performance.
  • Bug Fixes: Various bugs have been fixed.

What improvements have been made to the app’s performance?

  • Faster Content Updates: Content updates are now faster.
  • Icon Changes: Application icons have been updated.
  • Improved Resolution: Resolution improvements for a better viewing experience.
  • UI Performance: Overall user interface performance has been optimized.

Is the app compatible with the latest Android version?

Yes, the app is now compatible with Android 14 (SDK 34).

How do I create multiple favorite profiles?

To create multiple favorite profiles, press and hold on the profile section to add a new favorite profile.

How do I clear the cache in the app?

A "Clear Cache" option has been added to the Settings menu, allowing you to clear the cache easily.

What happens when my account is about to expire?

If your account expiration date is less than 3 days away, a pop-up window will appear to notify you of the impending expiration.

What media player updates have been made?

  • ExoPlayer: Updated to version 2.19.1.
  • VLC Player: libVLC updated to 4.0.0.

How do manual content updates work now?

Manual content updates will now force the app to refresh its content, ensuring you always have the latest information.

Have there been any bug fixes in this update?

Yes, various bugs have been fixed in this update to enhance the overall performance and stability of the app.

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