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Fanwall is a leading fantasy sports and online gaming platform in India that offers a wide range of options for sports enthusiasts. With Fanwall, you can create your own teams comprising players from around the world and participate in daily sports leagues and tournaments. By doing so, you stand a chance to win real cash prizes on India's premier fantasy sports app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Fanwall

1. What is Fanwall?

Fanwall is one of India's top fantasy sports and online gaming platforms that allows you to create your own teams with players from around the world. You can participate in daily sports leagues and tournaments and have a chance to win real cash prizes.

2. What sports can I play on Fanwall?

You can play a variety of fantasy sports on Fanwall, including Fantasy cricket, Fantasy football, Fantasy basketball, Fantasy kabaddi, and more.

3. How does Fantasy cricket work on Fanwall?

Fantasy cricket is an online skill-based sports game where you create a virtual team of cricketers who have played in real matches. You earn fantasy points based on their performance in those matches. You can select the most favorable 11 players from competing teams and compete against other users on Fanwall.

4. How do I play on Fanwall?

To play on Fanwall, follow these steps:

  • Create your virtual fantasy team for the desired sports game.
  • Choose the required number of players within a given budget of virtual credit points.
  • Wisely select your Captain and Vice-captain to boost your score.
  • Monitor your team points and ranking in real time based on the live match scoreboard.

5. Can I create multiple fantasy teams on Fanwall?

Yes, you are allowed to enter with multiple fantasy teams on Fanwall, which increases your chances of winning.

6. Can I play private contests with my friends on Fanwall?

Yes, you can create private contests on Fanwall. You can set a custom fee and the total number of participants and share the contest with your friends for an enjoyable experience together.

7. Is there a referral program on Fanwall?

Yes, Fanwall has a referral program where you can share the app's link with your family and friends. You can earn rewards and a cash bonus of up to ₹1000* for each successful referral.

8. What customer support options are available on Fanwall?

Fanwall provides excellent customer service with online support available 24x7. You can reach out to them for any queries or assistance.

9. How quickly can I withdraw my winnings from Fanwall?

Fanwall ensures instant withdrawals, and your winnings will be transferred to your account within 24 hours.

10. Are there any platform fees on Fanwall?

Fanwall offers low and reasonable platform fees compared to other platforms in the country.

11. Are there any offers and rewards available on Fanwall?

Yes, Fanwall runs offers and rewards throughout the year on upcoming contests and leagues.

12. Is there a rematch feature on Fanwall?

Yes, Fanwall provides a rematch feature where you can have another chance even if you lose a contest.

13. What are some other facilities available on Fanwall?

Fanwall offers additional facilities such as saving on contest fees with a golden ticket and earning more with Leadership rankings.

14. How can I ensure responsible gaming on Fanwall?

Fanwall is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its users. They have a Responsible Gaming Policy that users are advised to adhere to. For further information, you can visit the Responsible Gaming page on Fanwall's website.

15. How can I contact Fanwall for further queries?

If you have any further queries, you can contact Fanwall at [email protected].

For additional information and to get started with Fanwall, please visit their website:

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