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My11Guru stands as India's foremost fantasy sports app dedicated to fantasy cricket. Fantasy Cricket: Fantasy cricket is an online sports game that relies on skill, wherein participants construct virtual teams comprising real-life cricketers. Points are earned based on these players' performances in actual matches. To triumph on MY11GURU, you must assemble a stellar team of 11 players from the participating squads and outscore your opponents. MY11GURU, a prominent fantasy cricket app, caters specifically to Indian sports enthusiasts. Experience the thrill of playing fantasy cricket and seize the chance to win on MY11GURU.

FAQ - My11Guru Fantasy Sports App

1. What is My11Guru?

My11Guru is India’s leading fantasy sports app for fantasy cricket. It allows users to create a virtual team of cricketers playing in real matches and earn points based on their performances.

2. What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a skill-based online sports game where players create a virtual team of cricketers from real-life matches. Points are earned based on the players' actual performances in those matches.

3. How do I play fantasy cricket on My11Guru?

To play fantasy cricket on My11Guru, you need to select the best team of 11 players from the teams participating in the real matches. Your team must score higher than your opponents' teams to win.

4. Is My11Guru a reliable platform for fantasy cricket?

Yes, My11Guru is one of the leading fantasy cricket apps for Indian sports fans. The platform is designed to offer a safe and transparent gaming experience.

5. How can I get help and support on My11Guru?

If you encounter any issues while using My11Guru, you can reach out to their 24x7 customer support via the 'Email Us' option. They provide solution-based FAQs and prompt customer care assistance.

6. What is My11Guru's Responsible Play policy?

My11Guru is committed to user safety and transparency. Their Responsible Play policy ensures stringent measures to safeguard users. For more information, visit the Responsible Play Policy page:

7. Is My11Guru a real-money gaming app?

Yes, My11Guru involves real-money gaming. Players should game responsibly and only play with an amount they can afford to lose.

8. What if I need help with gaming addiction?

If you need support or assistance regarding gaming addiction, you can contact My11Guru at or visit their website:" They will provide the necessary help and resources.

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