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Version : 1.1.2

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Please visit www.kuberafantasy.com/responsible-play for information on 'Responsible Play'. Kubera Fantasy is an Indian fantasy sports app similar to other fantasy sports apps for cricket, football, and kabaddi. Fantasy Cricket: Fantasy cricket is a game where players create a team of real players participating in matches. Points are earned based on the players' performances in these matches. On Kubera Fantasy, you can play and win with fantasy cricket, fantasy football, and fantasy basketball. Create your best team of 11 players from the participating teams and aim to score higher than your opponents.

FAQ - Kubera Fantasy

1. What is Kubera Fantasy?

Kubera Fantasy is India's fantasy sports app that allows users to play fantasy cricket, football, and kabaddi. It offers an opportunity to create virtual teams using real players and earn points based on their performances in actual matches.

2. How does fantasy cricket work on Kubera Fantasy?

Fantasy cricket on Kubera Fantasy involves creating a team of 11 players from the teams playing in real matches. You earn points based on the performances of these players in the matches. The goal is to score higher than your opponents and win prizes.

3. What other fantasy sports are available on Kubera Fantasy?

Apart from fantasy cricket, Kubera Fantasy also offers fantasy football and fantasy kabaddi. Users can create teams and participate in various leagues and tournaments for these sports as well.

4. Are there any eligibility requirements to participate in Kubera Fantasy contests?

Yes, to participate in Kubera Fantasy contests, you must be 18 years or older. Additionally, there are certain Indian states, such as Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu, and Sikkim, where residents are currently barred from participating in paid or cash contests due to state laws.

5. How can I play on Kubera Fantasy?

To play on Kubera Fantasy, follow these steps:

  • Choose the sport you want to play: Cricket, Football, or Kabaddi.
  • Select a match from different tours or leagues.
  • Create your fantasy team by selecting real players from the match.
  • Assign a Captain and a Vice-Captain carefully for earning bonus points.
  • Join contests or compete with friends in private groups.
  • Earn points based on your team's real-life performance and aim for a high position on the leader board to win prizes.

6. What are the reasons to choose Kubera Fantasy?

Here are some reasons to choose Kubera Fantasy:

  • It is a fantasy cricket app offering a wide range of sports.
  • Mega contests with significant cash prizes are available.
  • All major leagues and tournaments are covered.
  • Private contests can be created to play with friends.

7. Can I invite friends to Kubera Fantasy?

Yes, you can invite friends to Kubera Fantasy. By doing so, you can earn up to ₹500 cash bonus and lifetime commission from each invite.

8. How are withdrawals and deposits handled on Kubera Fantasy?

Kubera Fantasy provides quick and easy withdrawals and deposits through a 100% legal, safe, and secure process.

9. What kind of help and support does Kubera Fantasy offer?

Kubera Fantasy offers 24x7 customer support through their "Contact Us" option. They provide solution-based FAQs and prompt customer care assistance to resolve any issues users may have.

10. What is Kubera Fantasy's Responsible Play policy?

Kubera Fantasy prioritizes user safety and aims to provide a transparent and trustworthy experience. Their Responsible Play policy focuses on ensuring responsible gaming practices. For more information, visit www.kuberafantasy.com/responsible-play.

11. How can I download the Kubera Fantasy app?

You can download the Kubera Fantasy app from their official website or through your device's app store.

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