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CrickPe : Fantasy Cricket App

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CrickPe: Cricket Always Pays! CrickPe Fantasy Cricket App is the ultimate fantasy cricket game in India, where cricket triumphs every day! It stands as the world's only fantasy cricket app that rewards actual cricketers, cricketing bodies, and dream team owners with real cash prizes alongside the winners of the cricket fantasy game. Additionally, you have the opportunity to shower your favorite cricketers from different teams and formats with love (and rewards). CrickPe is exclusively dedicated to CRICKET, the true passion of India's sports fantasy enthusiasts. Let's promote a meritocratic approach to cricket!

FAQ - CrickPe Fantasy Cricket App

  1. What is CrickPe Fantasy Cricket App? CrickPe Fantasy Cricket App is India's most unique and powerful fantasy cricket game, focused solely on cricket. It allows users to create virtual teams of real cricketers playing in actual cricket matches, earn fantasy points based on their performance, and compete to win cash rewards.

  2. How is CrickPe different from other fantasy cricket apps? CrickPe is exclusive to cricket, unlike other fantasy apps that include various sports or card games. Moreover, it stands out by rewarding real cricketers based on their actual performance in proportion to the fantasy points they earn.

  3. What makes CrickPe meritocratic? CrickPe aims to make cricket meritocratic by rewarding real cricketers for their performance. A percentage of the prize pool from every match is directly given to the cricketers based on their actual on-field performance.

  4. How does the fantasy cricket game work in CrickPe? In CrickPe, users create a virtual team of 11 cricketers from the teams playing on a given day. They earn points based on the performance of these players in real cricket matches. The Captain earns 2X points, and the Vice-Captain earns 1.5X points.

  5. Can I compete with my friends on CrickPe? Yes, you can join public contests or create private groups to compete with your friends on the platform.

  6. How are cash rewards distributed on CrickPe? Players who score the highest points on the leaderboard win cash prizes. Additionally, a percentage of the prize pool is rewarded directly to the real cricketers based on their performance.

  7. Is CrickPe a real money game app? Yes, CrickPe is a real money game app, and it's essential to play responsibly. Users are advised to play only with money they can afford to lose.

  8. Is there an age limit to play fantasy cricket games on CrickPe? Yes, players must be 18 years or older to play fantasy cricket games for real money on CrickPe.

  9. Are there any geographical restrictions for playing cash contests on CrickPe? Yes, players from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Sikkim, and Nagaland are not eligible to participate in cash contests.

  10. Where can I seek help for responsible play on CrickPe? If you need assistance or have concerns about responsible play, you can reach out to [email protected]. For more information, visit

  11. Can I support my favorite cricketers through CrickPe? Yes, you can show your love for your favorite cricketers by directly showering them with real cash rewards in addition to the fantasy points system.

  12. Which cricket leagues can I play in CrickPe Fantasy Cricket? CrickPe offers fantasy cricket games in various cricket leagues, such as the Indian T20 cricket league 2023 and the World Cup 2023, including T20 cricket games.

  13. Are there any complications in the fantasy cricket gameplay on CrickPe? No, the fantasy cricket gameplay on CrickPe is straightforward and follows the same format as traditional fantasy cricket games.

  14. Is CrickPe open to other sports or games? No, CrickPe is dedicated solely to cricket and does not include other sports or card games.

  15. What is the concept of "Players vis-a-vis Cricketers" in CrickPe? CrickPe displays your name against real cricketers in the winner's table, allowing you to compare your fantasy winnings with other real fantasy players and rewards given to actual playing cricketers.

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