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Join the community of enthusiastic players who adore our game, nominated for the prestigious Google Play Best of 2023 - User's Choice Award! Harness the might of cavalry with Mounts! Embark on a thrilling adventure accompanied by your loyal Mount! These formidable allies in battle are poised to aid you in overcoming challenges and conquering your adversaries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Viking Rise

1. What is Viking Rise, and why is it nominated for the Google Play Best of 2023 - User's Choice Award?

  • Viking Rise is an online multiplayer real-time war strategy game set in the world of Midgard. It offers epic world-building, challenging battles, and the chance to lead your Viking Tribe to glory. The nomination for the Google Play Best of 2023 - User's Choice Award reflects its popularity among players.

2. How do Mounts enhance the gameplay in Viking Rise?

  • Mounts are formidable allies in battle, providing crucial support to overcome challenges and defeat foes. They add an exciting element to the gameplay, offering strategic advantages that can influence the outcome of battles.

3. What role does the player assume in Viking Rise?

  • As the Viking leader, players are tasked with leading their Tribe to explore, plunder, and conquer the uncharted world of Midgard. The game presents choices in strategy, diplomacy, and warfare, allowing players to shape the destiny of their Tribe.

4. Who are the Heroes in Viking Rise, and how do they contribute to wars?

  • Famous Heroes from Norse mythology and Viking history are at your disposal to win wars. Players can strategize and leverage the unique strengths of these Heroes to gain an upper hand in battles.

5. What features make Viking Rise stand out as an online multiplayer war strategy game?

  • Viking Rise boasts an audiovisual masterpiece with stunning graphics, realistic seasonal changes, and an original soundtrack by Mikolaj Stroinski. Global multiplayer battles, territorial expansion, naval combat, and real-time combat contribute to its immersive gameplay.

6. How can players personalize their territory in Viking Rise?

  • Players have the freedom to expand and customize their territory, choosing between a commercial trading center, resource-rich land, or a powerful military fortress. Viking-style structures allow personalization to suit individual preferences.

7. What is the significance of Naval Combat in Viking Rise?

  • Naval Combat plays a vital role in conquering new lands. Players must strategize and utilize the sea to carry out surprise attacks, plunder enemy resources, and explore strategic territories. Navigational and naval combat skills are essential for success.

8. How does Real-Time Combat work in Viking Rise?

  • Real-Time Combat takes place on a massive world map, allowing players to engage enemies in real-time. Forming alliances, adapting strategies on land and sea, and issuing commands in real-time are crucial aspects of combat.

9. Can players recruit legendary Viking Heroes in Viking Rise, and how do they contribute to battles?

  • Yes, players can summon legendary Viking Heroes like Ragnar, Bjorn, Valkyrie, and others to fight alongside them. These Heroes bring unique abilities and strengths to battles, enhancing the player's chances of victory.

10. How can players get more information and engage with the Viking Rise community?


Viking Rise is a free-to-play experience; however, some in-game items can be purchased with real money. A network connection is required to play. For additional details, refer to the comprehensive terms of service provided.

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