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Time Princess
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Version : 2.17.1

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Anticipating the summer break, your plans take an unexpected turn as you embark on a visit to your grandfather in Paradise Town. The air of mystery surrounding this place, combined with your aging grandpa and the nostalgic touch of your mother's old bedroom, hints at an undisclosed secret waiting to be unveiled.

FAQ for Time Princess Game

1. What is Time Princess?

Time Princess is an immersive mobile game that combines captivating stories with interactive gameplay. Embark on various adventures, explore unique worlds, and make crucial decisions that impact the narrative.

2. How does the game begin?

Your journey starts with a visit to Paradise Town, where you'll uncover mysteries tied to your doddering grandpa and your mother's old bedroom. A dusty old lectern acts as the gateway between reality and the magical world of books, initiating a beautiful adventure.

3. What can I expect in the game?

Prepare for a diverse experience as you step into historical settings like Versailles, engage in battles to thwart chaos, obtain exquisite attire reflecting different styles (ancient, modern, eastern, western, etc.), and encounter special characters. The narrative presents dramatic choices, putting the story's ending and characters' fate in your hands.

4. How does the clothing system work?

The game features a highly customizable clothing DIY system, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Apply special styles, patterns, and colors to personalize your attire and accessories, tailoring them to your liking.

5. Tell me more about the pet system.

Enjoy a relaxing and fun pet system where you collect adorable kitty cats of various colors and markings. Deploy them to assist in material collection, eliminating the need for repetitive stage replays. Obtain all you need in a carefree and entertaining manner.

6. Can I interact with other players?

Absolutely! Make friends with players worldwide, sharing your creative clothing designs and imaginative flair. Join a vibrant community of Time Princess enthusiasts, fostering connections and friendships.

7. How can I stay updated on game details and exclusive content?

Stay connected by joining the official Time Princess Discord server at https://discord.gg/timeprincess. Gain access to game details, exclusive teasers, giveaways, and immerse yourself in the Time Princess community.

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