Ghost Shooting

Ghost Shooting

hunting sniper

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Developer : BitStrong Games

App Size : 4.00 MB

Email Id : [email protected]

Version : 1.1.2

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Become a skilled hunting sniper in this thrilling shooting game – and it's absolutely free! Criminal organizations are conducting shady deals and criminal activities in every city. As a hunting sniper with exceptional hiding skills and hitman abilities, your mission is to track them down like a ghost assassin.

FAQs for Ghost Shooting Game

Q1: What is Ghost Shooting?

A1: Ghost Shooting is a captivating 3D sniper shooting game that offers a free and immersive hitman experience. As a hunting sniper, players track criminal organizations, participate in missions, and aim for justice.

Q2: What types of missions are available in the game?

A2: The game features over hundreds of missions, including battles against gang members, assassinations of organization leaders, and preventing dirty deals. Players are tasked with discreetly eliminating gang forces to ensure peace.

Q3: What makes the arsenal in Ghost Shooting powerful?

A3: Ghost Shooting offers a variety of cool-looking and powerful guns. Players can build their own firearms arsenal, upgrade gun parts to enhance attributes, and improve mission completion capabilities.

Q4: How does the game explore different cities?

A4: The evil force spreads to different cities, and players must complete missions in each city. After finishing missions in one city, players proceed to the next, showcasing their assassin hitman abilities and cleaning up enemies.

Q5: Are there tools to assist in difficult missions?

A5: Yes, there is a "Mission Assistant" feature. In challenging missions, players can use a drone to locate targets if they can't find them, making mission completion easier.

Q6: What are the key features of Ghost Shooting? A6:

  • A 3D sniper shooting game that is free to play
  • Exquisite art style and immersive 3D display for a hitman feeling
  • Excellent level design, offering different hunting sniper experiences in each level
  • Easy controls to enjoy the game with various guns
  • Fast-paced shooting for an engaging hitman experience
  • Multiple cities’ missions, providing a diverse feel of customs
  • A variety of guns to choose from, making missions easier
  • Relaxing music and sound effects, creating a leisurely atmosphere

Q7: How can players join the Ghost Shooting community?

A7: Players can join the community on Facebook: and Discord:

Q8: Is Ghost Shooting free to play?

A8: Yes, Ghost Shooting is a free-to-play game with optional in-app purchases.

Q9: How can I enhance my sniper skills in the game?

A9: Players can choose different guns, complete missions of varying difficulties, and improve their hunting shooting skills in each mission. For challenging missions, upgrading gun parts and using drones to lock on targets faster is recommended.

Q10: How do I ensure no enemy escapes within my sniper field of view?

A10: To prevent enemies from escaping, players can use their hitman assassin skills effectively, choose different guns, upgrade gun parts for difficult missions, and utilize drones for faster target locking.

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