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On a serene morning, you gear up for a new day, only to find the world transformed by a sudden outbreak of a zombie virus. The once bustling city now lies in ruins, resembling the brink of an apocalypse. In the face of this catastrophe, establish a base shelter on the last day, erecting sturdy walls and essential facilities, while cultivating fruits and vegetables. Your mission: provide a secure haven for fellow survivors and navigate the challenges of this survival zombie shooting and base-building game!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Mini Survival: Zombie Shooting & Base Building Game

1. What is Mini Survival?

  • Mini Survival is a thrilling base-building survival game that seamlessly blends simulation and zombie war gameplay. Players must manage their base buildings, shoot zombies, and navigate through a world overrun by cute yet dangerous zombies and monsters.

2. How does the game begin?

  • The game starts on a morning when the sudden outbreak of a zombie virus changes the world. Players must establish a base shelter on the last day, building high walls, facilities, and planting fruits and vegetables to provide a safe haven for survivors.

3. What is the primary objective in Mini Survival?

  • The main goal is survival in a zombie-infested world. Players need to save survivors, build and upgrade a base shelter with essential facilities, and strategically manage resources to thrive in this survival zombie shooting and base-building game.

4. How can I build a shelter in the game?

  • To build a shelter, navigate to the "BUILD THE SHELTER" section. Construct a base with facilities like a restaurant, hospital, hotel, and gas stations. Recruit survivors to manage these facilities and upgrade them to attract more survivors.

5. How do I defend against zombie attacks?

  • Prepare for zombie attacks by building sentry towers and placing powerful companions on them. When the zombie brigade approaches, use your guns to make a stormshot and eliminate the threats.

6. How can I recruit survivors?

  • In the "RECRUIT SURVIVORS" section, each survivor comes with unique professional abilities and combat skills. Some are good at cooking, rescuing, or fighting. Strategically place them in proficient positions or include them in your combat team. Don't forget to upgrade them for increased effectiveness.

7. What are unknown regions, and how can I explore them?

  • To explore unknown regions, visit the "EXPLORE UNKNOWN REGIONS" section. Collect required resources to upgrade the base by discovering at least four islands. Be cautious of dangers, and take your teammates with you. Use your gun to make a stormshot and fend off zombies during exploration.

8. How can I collect food and resources in Mini Survival?

  • Obtain ingredients for cooking by unlocking farms in the base shelter to grow vegetables and fruits, or engage in fishing. Collect vegetables by exploring regions. Resources gathered can be used to create equipment and upgrade facilities.

9. What precautions should I take against zombies in different regions?

  • Different regions like urban fringe, dark forest, forest farm, and city center are full of terrifying zombies and mutated animals. Equip yourself with companions, guns, great equipment, and medicine to protect against collective zombie attacks, and be wary of formidable zombie bosses.

10. Tell me more about rescuing animals in the game.

- In Mini Survival, there are adorable pets with different skills. Feed and train them, and take them to your team when exploring dangerous areas. Pets can provide valuable assistance during your survival journey.

11. Are the zombies scary in Mini Survival?

- No, the development team has given the zombies cute and cartoonish appearances, distinct from the scary and bloody ordinary zombies. They might even look a little cute, making the game's atmosphere unique.

12. Where can I get more information or updates about Mini Survival?

- Stay connected with the Mini Survival community: - Facebook: Mini Survival Facebook Page - Discord: Mini Survival Discord Server

13. How do I contact support if I encounter any issues?

- If you encounter problems or have questions, contact the support team via email at

Welcome to the world of Mini Survival, and good luck creating the most prosperous base shelter! The zombies are coming!

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