Chess - Play and Learn

Chess - Play and Learn

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Engage in online chess battles with a vast global community of over 130 million players!

Q1: Can I play chess online for free?

Ans: Yes, you can play chess online for free on Engage in 2-player chess matches with your friends, join tournaments with thousands of players, and enjoy various exciting chess variants without any cost.

Q2:  Are there different chess puzzles and tactics available?

Ans:  Absolutely! offers over 350,000 unique puzzles and tactics for you to improve your skills. The rated mode adjusts to your skill level, providing suitable challenges. You can also race against the clock in Puzzle Rush or practice specific puzzle themes in learning mode.

Q3:  Are there lessons and tutorials available to improve my chess knowledge?

Ans:  Yes, provides a wealth of high-quality chess lessons and instructional videos created by masters. You can access interactive tutorials with valuable tips and recommendations, and follow a comprehensive lesson plan covering chess rules, strategies, and different game phases.

Q4:  Can I play chess online on the computer?

Ans:  Certainly! allows you to select your preferred level of computer opponent and engage in challenging matches. You can analyze your games to identify areas for improvement and push your skills to new heights.

Q5:  Is there a community of chess players on

Ans:  Yes, has a thriving community of over 60 million online chess players. You can interact with players of all levels, from beginners to grandmasters. Compete to establish your rating, participate in the online chess leaderboards, and stay updated with popular chess superstars followed by millions of fans.

Q6:  What additional features does offer?

Ans: offers a range of additional features, including offline chess games against the computer, articles by top authors and coaches, an opening explorer to develop your repertoire, messaging and challenging friends, customizable board themes and pieces, performance statistics, and an active community forum.

Q7:  How can I contact for support or feedback?

Ans:  If you have any suggestions or comments, the support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you. You can reach out to them for support through the website.

Q8:  Who is behind

Ans: is developed by passionate chess players and enthusiasts dedicated to providing an exceptional online chess experience. To learn more about the team behind, you can visit the About page on the website.

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