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Want to transform your smartphone into a top-notch camera instantly? Check out ReLens! Using cutting-edge AI computational photography and algorithms, ReLens converts your phone into an HD Camera and DSLR-like professional camera in no time. With its powerful DSLR-grade large aperture, ReLens lets you create stunning blur background/bokeh effects, making it a breeze to capture "DSLR-like" and "cinematic" shots. Designed for photography enthusiasts, ReLens offers a range of lenses and features to enhance your mobile photography experience:

FAQ - ReLens: Transforming Your Mobile into a Professional Camera

Q: What is ReLens?

A: ReLens is an innovative application that utilizes advanced AI computational photography and algorithms to transform your mobile phone into an HD Camera and DSLR professional camera instantly.

Q: What are the key features of ReLens?

A: ReLens offers a wide array of features including:

  • F1.4 large aperture with background bokeh effect.
  • Reproduction of classic SLR lenses.
  • Various essential filters for portrait and landscape photography.
  • AI recalculates depth of field and adds realistic portrait camera bokeh effects.
  • Professional camera lens optical effects and simulation of shutter blade shapes.
  • Manual Exposure, Shutter, ISO, Focus, and White Balance control.
  • Custom color adjustment, presets, and SLR effect beauty modes.
  • Multiple camera modes including manual mode and burst mode.
  • Professional camcorder mode with high-quality video recording.
  • Professional auxiliary tools and information display.
  • AI intelligent zone adjustment and specialized color grading tools in the photo editor.
  • AI HDR night scene enhancement and AI Noise Reduction.
  • Rich assortment of professional photography watermarks and artistic frames.
  • Privacy protection with image processing running locally on your device.

Q: How does ReLens benefit mobile photography enthusiasts?

A: ReLens is designed to help everyone, from photography enthusiasts to casual users, enjoy the fun of photography easily. It offers DSLR-like capabilities and a range of professional features to enhance mobile photography experience.

Q: Is ReLens available for both iOS and Android?

A: Yes, ReLens is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Q: How can I contact the ReLens team for support or inquiries?

A: You can contact the ReLens team at

Q: Are there any upcoming features for ReLens?

A: Yes, more features are in development. Stay tuned for updates!

Q: Is ReLens free to use?

A: ReLens may have both free and premium features. Please check the app store for pricing details.

Q: How secure is ReLens in terms of privacy?

A: ReLens ensures privacy protection by processing images locally on your device and not uploading them to any server.

Q: Can ReLens be used by professional photographers?

A: Yes, ReLens offers professional-grade features and capabilities suitable for professional photographers as well as enthusiasts.

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