MyFab11 : Fantasy Cricket App

MyFab11 : Fantasy Cricket App

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Version : 3.64

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Welcome to our real-money gaming app. We encourage responsible gaming and advise you to only play within your means. If you need assistance or support with gaming addiction, please visit Join over 5 million users and experience the trust and excitement of MyFab11, India's leading Fantasy Cricket App and proud Principal Sponsors of Kolkata Knight Riders. Sign up now and receive a bonus of Rs. 200, with the opportunity to win lakhs every day.

FAQ - MyFab11 Fantasy Cricket App

1. What is MyFab11?

MyFab11 is a real-money gaming app and a fantasy cricket game platform that allows users to create their fantasy teams inspired by real matches and compete to win cash prizes.

2. Is MyFab11 a trusted app?

Yes, MyFab11 is the most trusted Fantasy Cricket App of India with over 5 million users and proud Principal Sponsors of Kolkata Knight Riders.

3. How can I get started on MyFab11?

To get started on MyFab11, follow these simple steps: a. Download the app. b. Register for an account. c. Select one of the upcoming matches. d. Make your fantasy team. e. Join a contest to win cash prizes.

4. What do I get for joining MyFab11?

By joining MyFab11, you get a bonus of Rs. 200 to begin with and have the opportunity to win lakhs of cash prizes daily.

5. How does the fantasy cricket game work on MyFab11?

On MyFab11, you create a fantasy cricket team based on real match players to earn points. The team that accumulates the most points wins cash prizes.

6. Are there different types of contests available?

Yes, MyFab11 offers various contests in 8 categories of sports, allowing users to participate in different types of fantasy cricket games.

7. Can I get help in making my fantasy team?

Absolutely! MyFab11 allows you to copy teams of experts, providing assistance in building your fantasy cricket team.

8. What if there are conflicting matches?

MyFab11 offers protection against clash, ensuring that you can participate in contests without any scheduling conflicts.

9. Is there customer support available?

Yes, MyFab11 offers 24x7 customer support to assist users with any queries they may have. You can reach out to them at [email protected].

10. How can I withdraw my winnings?

MyFab11 provides 24x7 instant withdrawal options, allowing you to conveniently withdraw your winnings at any time.

11. Is responsible gaming promoted on MyFab11?

Yes, MyFab11 promotes responsible gaming and encourages users to play within their means. If you need help with gaming addiction, you can find support at

Please remember to game responsibly and only play what you can afford.

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