Brand Name : Notty Pareek

App Size : 3.00 MB

Email Id : [email protected]

Version : 1.0

Features: Flashlight for illuminating in the dark. Color screen flashlight for vibrant lighting. Morse code flashlight for emergency SOS signals. Compass and map functionality. With this app, you can:

FAQ - Flashlight App

1. What are the main features of the flashlight app?

Flashlight in the dark
Color screen flashlight
Morse code flashlight for SOS
Compass and map
2. What can I do with this app?
With this app, you can:

Find your keys in the dark
Read a real book at night
Light the way when camping and hiking
Make yourself visible on the roadside at night
Light your room during a power outage
Repair your car or change a tire
Check on the little ones
3. How does the flashlight app work?
The flashlight app mimics an actual hardware flashlight. It has an on and off switch that you can toggle to turn the digital torch light on and off. You can also adjust the light's strobe or blinking mode by swiping left or right on the digital flashlight's bezel.

4. Can I use the flashlight app for sending Morse code?
Yes, you can use the torch light of the app to send Morse code.

5. What is the version and release date of the app?
Version: 1.0
Updated on: Sep 6, 2020
Released on: Sep 6, 2020

6. What are the compatibility requirements for the app?
Requires Android 6.0 and up.

7. How many downloads does the app have?
The app has over 100+ downloads.

8. Is there any content rating for the app?
Yes, the app is rated for 3+.

9. Who is the developer of the app?
The app is offered by Notty Pareek.

10. Is the app compatible with my device?
The app is compatible with OPPO RMX1801 and Micromax Unite 2.

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