Cx File Explorer APK + MOD (1.8.2 / No Mod) v2.0.1

Cx File Explorer APK + MOD (1.8.2 / No Mod) v2.0.1

However, you can easily find and download the Cx File Explorer APK from trusted sources such as the Google Play Store or the official website of Cx File Explorer. Simply search for "Cx File Explorer" in the Google Play Store or visit the official website to download the APK file. Ensure that you download from a reliable source to ensure the safety and authenticity of the application.

Remember to always exercise caution when downloading and installing APK files from third-party sources, as they may pose security risks. It's recommended to have a reliable antivirus program installed on your device and to download apps only from trusted sources.

Once you have downloaded the APK file, you can follow the installation instructions mentioned in the previous text to enable unknown sources on your Android device and install the Cx File Explorer application.

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Name Cx File Explorer
Package Name com.cxinventor.file.explorer
Category Tools 
MOD Features 1.8.2 / No Mod
Version 2.0.1
Size 7.49 MB
Price Free
Requires Android 5.0
Original APK Cx File Explorer (7.49 MB)
Publisher Cx File Explorer

Cx File Explorer APK v2.0.1 2023 Features

Cx File Explorer is a robust file management application that offers a clean and intuitive interface. Whether you're using it on your mobile device, PC, or accessing cloud storage, this app allows you to effortlessly browse and handle your files, similar to how you would use Windows Explorer or Finder on a computer. It provides a wide range of features that cater to advanced users without overwhelming them. Additionally, it offers a visualized storage analysis to help you effectively manage the space on your mobile device.

Key Features:

  1. Organize Files and Folders: With its user-friendly UI, you can easily navigate, move, copy, compress, rename, extract, delete, create, and share files and folders on both internal and external storage of your mobile device.

  2. Cloud Storage Access: Effortlessly manage files stored on various cloud storage platforms.

  3. NAS Access: Access files from remote or shared storage such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, and LAN. You can even access your mobile device from your PC using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

  4. App Management: Efficiently manage the apps installed on your mobile device.

  5. Storage Analysis and Management: Cx File Explorer offers visualized storage analysis, allowing you to quickly scan and manage available space. The Recycle Bin feature simplifies storage management further.

  6. Supported Devices: Works seamlessly on Android TVs, phones, and tablets.

  7. Material Design Interface: Cx File Explorer adopts a sleek and user-friendly Material Design interface.

If you're seeking a file manager app that combines a simple and elegant interface with comprehensive functionality, Cx File Explorer is an excellent choice.